Become a demonstrator

Do you like the sound of being an independent Stampin’ Up demonstrator like me, then you can sign up with me!

All you need to do to become a demonstrator, is fill in the form, through the link below. You get to choose €175,- worth of products for just €129,-. You get to create your own Starter Kit or, if you prefer, I can help you with that. You will also receive some business supplies (annual and seasonal catalogues and order forms). The only condition is that you need to reach a turnover of €370 (excl. VAT) each quarter. And what is it you get in return?

  1. You receive 20% of the turnover (excl. VAT). When you get higher turnovers, that percentage will rise.
  2. When you build your own team, you will also receive a small percentage of their turnover.
  3. You buy you own supplies with a 20% discount.
  4. You receive new catalogues 1 month before your clients and get to order products 1 month in advance too, with the same 20% discount.
  5. You determine how much time you can or want to invest as a demonstrator. You are in full control of your schedule and if you would rather not give workshops, then don’t. As long as you reach your sales target each quarter, that’s fine. If you reach that revenue just by buying for yourself, that’s fine too.
  6. You will get support from different angles as a demonstrator. Stampin’ Up regularly sends out newsletters with tips and promotions. You will get access to a site and a forum with tips, ideas and examples for workshops especially for Stampin’ Up demonstrators. There is even a training video to help you on your way.
  7. Obviously you will have a whole team to stand by you. With email, Whatsapp and Facebook, there is always someone at your beck and call to help you. Also there is a team blog and newsletter to let you know about news and actions so you will never miss out on a promotion.
  8. You will meet new people who can turn into life long friends.
  9. By teaching workshops, you get the opportunity to share your hobby with others and get them just as excited as you are.
  10. Inspiring others and getting inspired yourself by watching others work will give you renewed energy.
  11. You can partake in special events that Stampin’ Up organizes for demonstrators.
  12. You can also partake in our own team-day gatherings.
  13. You can partake in different swaps (where we exchange projects) and get even more inspiration.
  14. Stampin’ Up hosts all sorts of promotions during the year to motivate you as an independent demonstrator. Hereby enabling you to earn all sorts of advantages from a free stampset to a complete holiday. Naturally this is all dependent on turnover and so the harder you work, the larger the reward.

Plenty of reasons to give it a try. Besides, when you sign up, you don’t just have the quarter you signed up in to reach your first sales target, you also get the next quarter. So that is a maximum of 6 months. If you are unable to attain the quarterly target, you get an extra month to see if you can reach it then, once. If you still can’t do it or if you just want to stop, you stop. No snags, no risks. Of course it would be a shame, but not a problem.

So, what are you waiting for? Click this link and become a member of my team Prulleke.